Blaue Blume: Lovable (Trentemøller Remix)

Trentemøller remixed Blaue Blume!

Trentemøller remixed Danish artpop band Blaue Blume and the result is explosive!

German indie label hfn music - sister label of Trentemøller's In My Room - marks its 100th release with this one. Way back in little 2009, the label hfn music was born in Hamburg, and made its introduction to the world with the release of the Trentemøller compilation Harbour Boat Trips: 01 Copenhagen.

Fittingly, hfn100 sees one of hfn’s best songs of 2019 put into the hands of the man it all started with, Anders Trentemøller. His Danish compatriots Blaue Blume’s new album Bell Of Wool is one of hfn’s 2019 highlight releases, and so hfn100 sees Trentemøller remix one of its standout tracks: “Lovable”. The original is a gossamer-delicate composition that carefully stitches together layers of shining synths that gradually build up into a peak, before crashing into a subtle beat - a musical journey. 

Trentemøller mirrors the original’s careful building up, adding new elements to fill in the song’s sound, before it collapses into a tough, noir disco groove. It’s a perfectly realised remix – Trentemøller keeps the original song’s skeleton and soul, but fills in the space with sonic touches that could be no one else’s but his.