Trentemøller - Sunstroke



Anders Trentemøller from Copenhagen is without a doubt one of the hottest underground techno producers at the moment. Since "Physical Fraction" on Audiomatique and "Polar Shift" on Poker Flat earned him a lot of attention, we're happy to present his second EP on Poker Flat.

This time a mega-deep, vast kick-drum, crisp crackles and loads of weird samples are causing a "Sunstroke" on the a-side. A deep masculine hum floats over the tune and the skill-fully arranged track plays around with reverb rooms that cleverly leading one into a world of acoustic hallucinations. 

The "Minimal Fox" on the b-side cautiously stalks from behind before it unfolds into an incredible drive. Only a few producers manage to create such a tight buildup of suspense with such a sparse instrumentation like Trentemøller and the new EP is definitely another proof of his outstanding production skills.