Trentemøller - River In Me

River In Me


River In Me’ is the first single taken from Trentemøller ’s album ‘Fixion’ (2016). While the album came out in September 2016, the first single was already available from June 24th on and features Jehnny Beth of Savages on vocals, while Trentemøller contributes his own rework for the B-side. ‘I’ve been a huge Savages fan since their debut record’ says Trentemøller. ‘I met their producer Johnny Hostile at a festival in Paris and ended up inviting him to support us on our tour. Jehnny actually tagged along for some of the dates. Afterwards, he dropped me a line and asked me to mix the next Savages record ‘Adore Life’. Myself, Johnny and Jehnny built a real friendship in the process so it felt right to ask her to sing on a few of the songs. She has this really intense and unique voice and it ended up being really challenging, and fun, to take that voice out of the Savages’ universe and into mine.’ With ‘Fixion’, Anders has crafted a logical successor to 2013’s ‘Lost’ - a record that in many ways managed to truly capture the visceral live experience of Trentemøller as a full-band. In much the same manner that ‘Lost’ built on from the somber cinematic classic that was ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’, ‘Fixion’ has embraced the Danish artist’s trademark melancholy and matured it into something uniquely atmospheric and darkly romantic. 

For Trentemøller ’s new material RITON EMENIUS, a cross-disciplinary collaboration between Swedish director Åsa Riton and Swedish artist Andreas Emenius, who were directing the music videos as well as creating tour visuals and art installations that were shown in galleries in Copenhagen, New York and Paris. The result was a total media experience that touched on physical locations, online platforms and video installations. Shot in northern Sweden 'River In Me' captures an uncanny love story between two girls in a bleak winter landscape. RITON EMENIUS comments on the shoot: ‘The car broke down, it was minus 15 degrees and the girls covered with blood were freezing until they literally couldn’t stop shaking, when we turned up at the scrap yard the car wreck we wanted to shoot in was gone. So we had to improvise. But it’s always the flaws of reality that creates opportunities of magic.’