Trentemøller - Nightfall



In May, fans got to hear the first new music from Trentemøller since 2022. “A Different Light” showcased a stunning blend of psychedelia, space rock, and folk. Additionally, a new full-length was announced: Dreamweaver will drop in September, on Friday the 13th, on Trentemøller’s own In My Room label. The second track from the forthcoming full-length, “Dreamweavers,” came into the world in June. Now, the third single from Dreamweaver arrives in anticipation of the album. “Nightfall” will be released on July 26th.

The music and lyrics are the work of Anders Trentemøller, while the vocals are delivered by the inimitable Disa. The Icelandic chansonnier has been in Trentemøller’s circle since the Memoria tour, where she stunned audience members with her own reimagined versions of songs from the catalog, then lent her talents to two singles preceding the Dreamweaver sessions.

“Nightfall” sits upon a steady, hypnotic riff which lays the bedrock, presenting an open space for vocal melodies to wander where they may. Two guitar lines, echoing from a remote canyon, vie for attention. One arpeggiating, reflecting the sparkling of the stars above, while the other’s slide pattern mimics a distant, plaintive, early morning howl. Collectively, they convene, lonesome together. Gentile, yet deliberate, delicate in a way that masks its power, “Nightfall” is a glacier inching across this desert.

Untethered by the rules of structure, the bridge arrives late in the song, strings placing a lift in the track when it feels like a fade out was impending. At the song’s conclusion, after turning around to meet the arrival of some supernatural presence, we’re met with a resolving chord which, while vague, gracefully, confidently settles like dew, and hints at something hopeful, yet ineffable.