Trentemøller - Miss You

Miss You


After the huge success of his albums 'The Last Resort' and 'The Trentemøller Chronicles', Trentemøller graces the Audiomatique catalogue once again, featuring four timeless and accomplished remixes of his haunting track, 'Miss You'.

The original is a deeply musical study showing off Trentemøller’s unique composition skills, and for this release he presents a cut up re-rub full of classic texture and warmth. One of two more club friendly remixes on the release, his remix adds sharp hi-hats and even more hyp- notic layers of melodies, creating an energetic track which sits in the ever-smoky borders bet- ween techno, house and electronica.

Climbing up from deep within his unique and unmistakable river of sound, Scape‘s legendary producer Pole is next to provide a remix. Bass heavy dub-steps close around a tripped out abstraction of the original theme, allowing seven minutes of glorious analogue experimentation to unfold. A rich cloud of defined and considered noise surfaces to very meniscus of the track, before sinking away back into the depths... 

One of Germany‘s longest serving figures in Techno, Pascal F.E.O.S, chooses to remain true to the musicality of the original with his drifting techno slow burner. The remix introduces melody as its central focus, but is still underpinned by the Level Non Zero figurehead‘s tough but reduced rhythm track, that drives persistently, without distorting one‘s view of the stirring melodic happenings.

Finally two talented musicians from Copenhagen‘s electronic underground, Lulu Rouge and Asger Baden, take the stirring beauty of the original‘s piano melody and create a filmic, beatless interpretation. Gentle washes of warm strings and atmospheres glide subtly through the pale ether of this wonderfully restrained remix.