Trentemøller - LateNightTales

Late Night Tales


Trentemøller is the Dane who did. He’s been making electronic music of one kind of bent or another for over 15 years, first making his name as part of Trigbag, a live house act that toured extensively. But it’s his solo material that has impacted on the dance community – and beyond. ‘La Champagne’ was a game-changer and his remixes of artists like Sharon Phillips secured his place as an artist with some serious chops. But that’s not all he is. You can hear that yearning in his productions and it’s evident here, a sort of Protestant northern European melancholy.

He is aided on his journey towards the Baltic by some heavy hitters, of course: Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, This Mortal Coil. But that’s not the story, it’s not where the plot comes from, it’s not where we’re going. It’s just a little indicator to reassure you we know the way. No. For it’s in the dark beauty of Low’s tremulous ‘Amazing Grace’ or even the way that the Shangri-Las’ ‘(Remember) Walkin’ In The Sand’, surrounded by the similarly inclined, takes on a funereal gait. As we navigate the flatlands of your mind, we’re helped along by a generous sprinkling of Anders’ fellow Danes, like Darkness Falls (the atmosphere of this mix aptly encapsulated right there), Ekko, Chimes & Bells and the Late Night Tales tradition, Trentemøller’s cover of Chris Isaacs’ ‘Blue Hotel’, sung by Marie Fisker and Steen Jørgensen.

"The latest collection of late-night vibes is curated by Dane Anders Trentemoller - and what a (mostly, anyway) spooky come-down after a night out it would be. He lures you into uncharted witching hour territory complete with screams (Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Bird's La Lliarona) and beautifully harrowing tension (Nick Cave and Warren Ellis' The Proposition #1), but it's also sassy and sauntering with the likes of Velvet Underground and Nico's Venus in Furs and occasionally breezy on Papercut's dulcet ditty Unavailable. But mostly it's daring, dark, and delicious." (NZ herald)