Complicated by Trentemøller



'Complicated', Trentemøller ’s third single from the hugely well received album 'Fixion', and one of the two album tracks featuring Jehnny Beth from Savages, is a further adventure into Anders Trentemøller ’s passion for coldwave influenced, synth-driven pop music - both elegant and darkly romantic in nature. 

'Complicated' is a perfect blend of dreaminess, beautifully revelling in synth washes and a evocative bassline. The song, made whole through the beautiful lyrics and vocals of Jehnny Beth -  shifts gears several times through the track, eventually pulling up sharply and leaving us hanging on for more.

Luckily, there is more in the shape of The Soft Moon mix, which expands further on the theme. The drums are tougher and closer to the EBM or industrial sounds of the early 80s, and there‘s much more vocal treatment - a rough and raw dubbed out version of the original, that still had Trentemøller ’s signature production values shining through.