Words by press on "Memoria"

We've compiled some words from magazines and journalists all over the world who had some very nice things to say about "Memoria": 

Noise and tranquillity, modular synths and jangle from Danish composer. Trentemøller's deftness in balancing light and shade and a multi-layered approach are key to its allure. (Mojo, UK)

The Danish producer digs into dream-like influences for his new work, introducing spectral shoegaze elements into his electronic tapestry. (Clash, UK)

Memoria traverses some ground that fans of the Danish musician will find familiar, but it also digs deeper into themes of transience and various forms of continuance. (XLR8R, USA)



Danish producer Anders Trentemøller has been making cinematic electronic soundscapes for over 20 years now and is constantly finding new avenues of traversing genre-bending lush landscapes. The latest singles off his forthcoming sixth studio album, Memoria, “In the Gloaming” and our Song of the Day “All Too Soon,” find him employing textured dream pop and the glistening vocals of his girlfriend Lisbet Fritze for a majestic and mysterious mood. (KEXP, USA)

Danish composer, musician, and producer Trentemøller seems to unearth another layer of his lush, cinematic sonicverse with every release. Over the last twenty years, he's found a home for his captivating style in everything from immaculate electronica to gauzy celestial pop. (KEXP, USA)

Something warm, strange and romantic, disconnected from reality yet utterly welcoming. (Two Story Melody, USA)

While a certain amount of gloomy darkness is still a crucial ingredient for the Trentemøller sound there is a certain brightness and hopeful notion in this new album, transported via lots guitar, reverb and an almost meditative notion. (Nothing But Hope And Passion, GER)


Shoegaze, synth-pop, and post-rock collide on this absolute stunner. (The Revue, CA)

His latest album, Memoria, sees the Danish producer and multi-instrumentalist digging deeper into the sound he perfected on 2019’s Obverse - broody guitar lines, shadowy synth tones, and cascading arpeggios - while honing his skills as a songwriter and lyricist. (Future Music, UK)

With Memoria, Trentemøller continues to work with familiar themes of light and dark, turbulence and serenity, piercing chill and comforting warmth; clearly inspired by the inherent antipodal elements of the Nordic environment he calls home. He pushes deeper into this familiar territory, while simultaneously broadening his scope. (Broadwayworld, USA)