sinus video still

Sinus gets its own video

Originally there were no intentions for an additional music video, but when directors Bruno Noaro and Julie Reindl showed their video which they created as stu- dents at Emenius masterclass at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Trentemøller decided to make it the of cial music video for 'Sinus'.

In contrast to Riton/Emenius' encrypted visual language Julie Reindl and Bruno Noaro follow a rather realistic ap- proach and chose a futuristic scenario to criticise today's world in their video. 

Video credits: 
Directors: Julie Reindl & Bruno Noaro
Producer: LFRFILMS under supervision by Andreas Emenius and Åsa Riton.
Starring: Karl Gustav Brøndum
Shot on location in Copenhagen: Botanisk Have, Den Blå Planet, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts