Trentemøller - River In Me

See Trentemøller`s music video for 'River In Me'

We are happy to present the new music video for Trentemøllers`s  ‘River In Me’ single.

For Trentemøller’s new material RITON EMENIUS, a new cross-disciplinary collaboration between Swedish director Åsa Riton and Swedish artist Andreas Emenius, are directing the music videos as well as creating tour visuals and art installations that will be shown in galleries in Copenhagen, New York and Paris.The result will be a total media experience that touches on physical locations, online platforms and video installations.Shot in northern Sweden ‚River In Me‘ captures an uncanny love story between two girls in a bleak winter landscape. RITON EMENIUS comments on the shoot: ‘The car broke down, it was minus 15 degrees and the girls covered with blood were freezing until they literally couldn’t stop shaking, when we turned up at the scrap yard the car wreck we wanted to shoot in was gone. So we had to improvise. But it’s always the flaws of reality that creates opportunities of magic.