Trentemøller's sixth album "Memoria"

Out now: Trentemøller's sixth album "Memoria"!

Analysis and fixed processes have supplanted mystery. Romanticism is in short supply. Luckily there is still music being released that pushes back. Anders Trentemøller’s new album, MEMORIA, seems to exist at the confluence of inspiration, coincidence, and maybe even a little bit of the supernatural. 

After unexpectedly releasing four songs on two singles in 2021 (No One Quite Like You and Golden Sun), one might have been surprised to find a full album’s worth of material waiting in the wings. As with most Trentemøller releases, it’s a body of songs that are thematically linked by many melodic threads. 

Classically speaking, memoria (memory) is one of the five canons of rhetoric, along with discovery, arrangement, eloquence, and recitation. It’s how stories are told, and memoria is the central pillar. Trentemøller’s songs never deliver the completed narrative, that’s for the listener to construct, but in every track exists these five seeds, primed for germination. 

For MEMORIA, it is the first time Trentemøller has written all lyrics and vocal melodies himself. His girlfriend Lisbet Fritze helped bringing the songs to life and Dóra Dúna created the amazing artwork. The release of the full album was accompanied by the release of the music video for the single "Like A Daydream":

Besides the digital release the album will be also available on double-vinyl in gatefold sleeve, on CD and on cassette.