New Video For Trentemøller’s “Deceive” by Andreas Emenius

Recently premiered via Drowned In Sound to great applause is the new video accompanying “Deceive” which deeply delves into artsy climes and unfurls a mystic, but vital vibe, perfectly matching with the dark’ish bass layouts provided by the orginal song.

The video is a study of a horse, an animal that appears both pre-historic and modern. The camera examines its movements, muscles, skin, limbs, hair, and bones. It becomes so obvious that the horse is much more that just a tamed animal, its viability and brutality in paradox with the temporality of the body. The eye of the horse links it, like a conversation without words, to the rest of us and for all its banality it’s beautiful. The suggestive mood of the music and Sunes hypnotic words about an obsession over someone, the idea of almost wanting to be another body, I though worked well with the film’s point of view, as well as wanting to introduce a visual vocabulary not often seen in music videos.

Danish musican Trentemøller and Swedish artist Andreas Emenius have been exploring parallels between their work for some time. Emenius was involved, together with Henrik Vibskov, in designing the cover artwork for ‘Into the Great Wide Yonder‘, Trentemøller’s second studio album, as well as the stage scenography for the ongoing ‘Lost’ world tour. Trentemøller was invited to preform in Emenius exhibition  ‘Movement’ at H.C Andersen Castle, Copenhagen, in 2012, staged and curated by Andreas Emenius , with international artists in dialogue across the fields of painting, dance, performance and music. They plan to continue expanding the fields of fine art and popular culture with new projects in 2014/15.