Church Trees Trentemøller

Church Of Trees video out now!

Trentemøller's "Church Of Trees" music video is out now! This one, like most of the music videos off "Obverse", is made by Anders Trentemøller himself.

"Church Of Trees" may come out of the gatesounding like a minimalist film score, but when the heavily modulated synths finally arrive, bathed inreverb, and the warped record effects kick in, it leaves no doubt that this is a Trentemøller concoction. Motifs take their time to develop, and are followed by a pleasantly jarring non sequitur. As with its companion songs, "Church Of Trees" narrative is succinctly contained in the title of the album. Obverse: an alternative to what your perception is. The flip side of the coin. 

Fittingly, the camera shows treetops from below, tossing and turning.

Out now!

Watch the video here.