Trentemøller is taking over the festivals with the 'Fixion Summer Tour'

Trentemøller takes the Fixion tour to the festivals

Half way through Trentemøller's festival tour it becomes evident that the Fixion tour, which started out with more than 50 venue shows in Europe, Northamerica and Asia earlier this year, works amazingly well also on the bigger stages of the European summer festivals. And so do the songs from his new album ‚Fixion‘ which take the most space on his setlist.

Dedicated crowds and raving reviews peaked at his fifth return (once more as one of the headliners) to the famous Roskilde festival, where Trentemøller played the Arena stage last weekend. 

Amongst others The Copenhagen Post reviewed the show: 'Trentemøller’s show was as emotionally authentic as it was deliberate – the impressive result of dedicated artistry, strategic presentation and unmissable talent.' Read the full review of Trentemøllers concert at Roskilde 2017 here. 

There are 12 more shows to come at festivals in the UK, Germany, Belgium, Italy and more. See the full schedule here:

06.07.17, Spain, Madrid, Mad Cool Festival
07.07.17, Spain, Bilbao, Bilbao BBK Live
08.07.17, Germany, Duesseldorf, Open Source Festival
13.07.17, Netherlands, Bloemendaal aan Zee, Woodstock
14.07.17, Belgium, Dour, Dour Music Festival
15.07.17, UK, Clitheroe, Beat-Herder Festival
16.07.17, Romania, Cluj, Electric Castle Festival
26.07.17, Italy, Segrate, Circolo Magnolia
27.07.17, Italy, Sesto Al reghena, Sexto'Nplugged
28.07.17, Italy, San Mauro Pascoli, A Cielo Aperto San Mauro
29.07.17, Italy, Vasto, Siren Festival
19.08.17, Denmark, Aarhus, RECession