Trentemøller’s groundbreaking full debut album „The Last Resort“ on triple vinyl

Soon to be released: Trentemøller’s groundbreaking full debut album „The Last Resort“ on triple vinyl

Trentemøller‘s debut album 'The Last Resort' remains one of the few genre-defining and groundbreaking albums in many regards. It‘s still being praised for its composition and sound-design alike and sounds as fresh and breathtaking today as it did when it was originally released in 2006.

The album received fantastic acclaim from both music fans and journalists around the world and made it into the top-lists of the month, the year, the decade - alongside an array of awards for best production or best album.

The original vinyl-pressing only included a selection of songs from the original 13-track album release. It missed out on songs which had been released on singles or didn’t “fit” on the so called “vinyl edition”. Due to ‘public demand’ and simply because this album deserves a proper vinyl release we are happy to finally present, for the first time, the full album on vinyl. It spans over three vinyl discs and is packed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve which also holds a download-code.

"I'm so thrilled to finally have all the songs from The Last Resort on vinyl! It's my debut album and an album I'm very proud of, so many memories lay in this music. The Last Resort was like a snapshot of where I was in my life back then, but also the foundation for where I am today.“ stated Trentemøller for this very special occasion. To be released on the 8th of June, pre-order here.

In the meantime the album’s lead track "Take Me Into Your skin" appears now in a new video with the original visuals made for the first 'Trentemøller Live in Concert tour' in 2007 by photographer, author and music video director Karim Ghahwagi, check it out!