Trentemøller- Sycamore Feeling

Sycamore Feeling


Danish musician Anders Trentemøller released his highly anticipated second artist album in May 2010.

Entitled “Into The Great Wide Yonder” the second full length by the remarkably talented Copenhagen based musician dropped on Trentemøller’s own label “In My Room”.

Having started his career in the electronic scene with an array of groundbreaking yet classic singles in the early 2000’s his music always broke genre-barriers. Alongside his single-hits Trentemøller became famous for his remixes and the “Trentemøller twist” he added to songs by Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand, Röyksopp, The Knife and many more.

The multi-award-winning debut album “The Last Resort” (Poker Flat Recordings, 2006) remains one of the most loved independent albums and is highly appreciated for its abundance of musical ideas and its outstanding songwriting.

Followed by “The Trentemøller Chronicles”-album (Audiomatique 2008) Trentemøller’s most recent release is his first ever Mix-CD “Harbour Boat Trips 01: Copenhagen” (hfn music, 2009) which takes the listener on a roundtrip through Trentemøller’s own secret musicbox and melts Electronica, Neo-Folk, Indie-Rock, Psychedelia and beyond.

We are not going to spoil the surprise, but the new album is far more than a logical progression from Anders Trentemøller’s past work. It opens yet another overwhelming new “sound cosmos” in the artist’s very own songwriting and production and is too good to be forced into one single genre alone. It offers a wealth of brilliant melodies and musical ideas and uses many different instruments including electronic and acoustic guitars, strings, theremin, a bass mandolin and many electronics with a playful easiness that is seldomly heard. The new album also features four vocal tracks which seemlessly fall into a simply brilliant and beautiful album that needs to be listened as a whole.

Many fellow musicians and friends contributed their skills not only to the music, but also for the artwork which has been done by design artists Henrik Vibskov and Andreas Emenius or the first video which has been directed by Jesper Just.

The single “Sycamore Feeling” dropped first as limited Seven Inch, a CD-Maxi and a Remix-12” followed a month later. The album in all its glory then came out end of May 2010.