Running Blind 2nd Blood

Running Blind


2nd Blood is the new project of Copenhagen based musician, producer and songwriter Silas Tinglef and the latest exciting discovery on Trentemøller's label In My Room.

Veering between punk rock, pop, ambient and electronic, Tinglef has also been a backing musician for the likes of Trentemøller, The Raveonettes, Jacob Bellens, and more. Here with his debut EP 2nd Blood unleashes a five track EP that really sets out his musical vision.

Produced and mixed by Anders Trentemøller and Silas Tinglef and co-produced by Thomas Bertelsen (TOM And His Computer) and Adrian Aurelius (Nosebleed) the EP also gathers some guest musicians: Ned Ferm (Saxophone), Simon Litauer (Modular Synthesizer), Anders Trentemøller (Synth, Piano),

Opener 'Showtime' is a twisted pop track bathed in feedback, static and echo, while 'Turn It Back' is a fast-paced post-punk number with Tinglef’s distinctive low key vocals.

'How Far Can The Mountains See' also references post-punk - with tonnes of echo and reverb giving off a cold, dramatic atmosphere 

'Tides' rides along with a rubbery bassline, submerged vocals and a motorik beat.

Last but not least 'Type 9000' is outsider pop at its nest - melodies galore and a propulsive rhythm track topped off with sparkling guitars and synths.