Trentemøller - Reworked / Remixed

Reworked / Remixed


Anders Trentemøller has become one of the most respected names in cutting edge electronic music. His rise to notoriety was sparked by his early, techy releases for Poker Flat and Audiomatique and has since gone on to stellar highs with his own personal take on the genre, spanning, pop, rock, indie and classical. His debut album 'The Last Resort‘ was released in 2006 to much international acclaim, and the producer also began to become an in-demand remixer in the house and techno world.

As the 2000s wore on his sound continued to progress, opening up his studio to more live instrumentation, and a looser, rock-meets electronic vibe with his stunning 'Into The Great Wide Yonder‘ LP. From legendary live shows with the 'Live In Concert' tour with a full backing band, to remixes for a whole host of talents outside of the electronic world, to producing new bands like Darkness Falls on the label hfn music, the restless creative is always a powerhouse of productivity.

Now this special double CD and double vinyl release celebrates some of the producer’s favourite remixes he completed for other artists, and also some of his personal picks where other musicians have reworked his music. With over 20 super-slick productions to choose from, this is a real treat for any Trentemøller fan, or indeed a great introduction into his sound. From crisp electronic beats, to atmospheric and filmic moments, to heavy post-rock mutations and beyond. This sheer variety in store here is testament to the talent and musical vision of Anders Trentemøller.

Trentemøller Into The Great Wide YonderAll the reworked tracks are taken from 2010's 'Into The Great Wide Yonder' album, which fused melancholic, emotional melodies with a more indie/electro-rock studio focus.

UNKLE, maverick UK producer James Lavelle‘s ambitious on-going pro- ject, reaches out into filmic, spacey zones with their remix of Trentemøller‘s classic 'Neverglade‘. Among UNKLE’s version and the bristling, tense elec- tronic remix by Trentemøller himself, this track also appears as an instrumental version that lets the wonderful instrumentation shine.

‘Tide’ flows in as three different versions: Efterklang‘s beautiful new remix, alongside Trentemøller’s ‘Alternative Instrumental Version’ and the inimitable Berlin-based bad-boys Modeselektor remixed 'Tide‘ in their 'Last Remix Ever‘... and it’s a dirty ride with plenty of lo-fi synths fusing with high end production in a rolling melancholic electronic story. 

Also included, the swathes of Marie Fisker‘s wonderfully contemplative version of 'Sycamore Feeling‘, taking us into lazy, hazy hypnotic waves of neo-folk. Fisker sang vocals on the beautiful album-track, and here we take an insight into her own very talented world.

I Blame Coco provide their brilliantly different interpretation of '...Even Though You‘re With Another Girl‘, featuring the new recorded vocals of Coco Sumner, transforming the original with her own low-slung mutation of pop and electronic styles.

The legendary rotter Andrew Weatherall‘s 'Sky 81 Remix' of 'Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider, Go!!' reminds us of Trentemøller‘s exquisite taste for mixing genres to great effect. This riotous electro-stomper is some of Weatherall‘s best remix work since Two Lone Swordsmen.