In The Garden Trentemøller

In The Garden


When she was handed the music to Anders Trentemøller ’s “In The Garden”, Lina Tullgren may not have known it was meant to be an instrumental, like the rest of the songs on the new album. In a meta way, it feels right that the lyrics she contributed plot the journey of a kernel in an artist’s mind to becoming a fully fleshed out idea, and ultimately a completed work. No stranger to warbling, compressed guitars, and reverb-soaked ambience in her own music, Tullgren unsurprisingly understood where Anders was coming from, and stitched in her contribution, creating a symbiosis between instrumentalist and vocalist. 

“I was thinking about how we don’t really write songs. We’re more like conduits for them, and often lyrics just flow out of you without any sort of rhyme or reason. Sometimes it’s decisive, and you’re simply trying to capture what and how you felt in a situation, but more often it’s not about a deliberate process, and more like blindly channelling.”

The song itself has the feel of something being constructed right before you. A simple beat is answered with chords played on a bass guitar. With each verse and chorus another layer is added, encasing what came before it, like a sonic Matryoshka, until the chiming guitar finally arrives to resolve the whole thing, and usher the listener to the end of the song. 

In The Garden” merges the idea of the slow build with a compact tune that gets to the point, developing subtly, and demanding another listen to ascertain what just happened. 

Trentemøller has personally created the accompanying music video, just as he did with “Sleeper” (released in May).

In the Garden” gives us a second taste from the forthcoming Trentemøller album, which was released in the fall of 2019. 

Artwork by Jesse Draxler