Dorit Chrysler - Avalanche

Dorit Chrysler


Anders Trentemøller presents Dorit Chrysler and ‘Avalanche’, a haunting, evocative EP on his In My Room imprint! The two first met when Anders asked Dorit for her theremin play on his recent album ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder‘. Dorit also joined Anders on stage at his remarkable perfomance at the Roskilde festival in 2010 (which has been captured in the ‘Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!‘ video) as well as on Trentemøller’s live tour through the USA last year.

Dorit Chrysler, the celebrated composer, musician, and first lady of the theremin, delivers a stunning four-tracker of her rich, intricate and emotional music. The lead song ‘Avalanche’ combines a deep electronic pulse with Dorit’s signature smoky delivery, and her exceptional theremin flourishes – an immense slow motion explosion.

Trentemøller supplies the sublime production throughout the EP – providing the stand-out analog bass groove on ‘Forbidden Fruit’, which also showcases the immense vocal talents of collaborator Marie Fisker.

The next song is just as impressive –‘Winter Glow’ is perhaps the poppiest moment here, coupling a new-wave synth groove with a pretty, ethereal vocal hook and the ever-present, beautifully restrained theremin – the bizarre, enchanting electronic instrument Dorit has mastered.

‘Swamp Behind My House’ closes out the release, another deep and cinematic slice of electronic grace, which along with the rest of the EP, is sure to win over a new audience to Dorit’s immense charms.

Trentemøller (DJ) & Dorit Chrysler (live) both performed at the CPH:DOX event 2012 in Copenhagen to present the new 'Avalanche' EP.